Secure Development Lifecycle

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Many leading companies and organisations have realised the cost and efficiency benefits to be gained from addressing security early on in the application development process. Traditionally, organisations first assess security at the end of an application’s development – usually with a penetration test. But, security issues identified at this late stage are often difficult to fix, particularly when the problem is in the design of the application or the coding techniques used. Complex flaws are costly to put right, requiring unexpected time and resources.

When security is approached in this way, development practices never improve and the same costly security flaws keep appearing. Context helps clients to adopt a Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) approach.

SDL integrates with existing application development processes to ensure that security issues are addressed throughout the development phase when it is most cost-effective, simple and efficient to do so. This means that by the time your applications are ready for the traditional penetration test, the costly security flaws should be dramatically reduced.

Context has helped a wide range of organisations realise the benefits of SDL, through the development of a customised strategy; helping clients to update processes, procedures and tools, and providing necessary training and support.

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