Mark Raeburn and Alex Church present at BlueHat - Redmond, USA

Last month Context’s C.E.O, Mark Raeburn and Technical Director, Alex Church were invited to present at the BlueHat conference in Redmond as trusted experts in the area of ‘Targeted Attacks on Enterprise Networks’.

The conference brings together Microsoft developers and executives with key security programme partners and members of the security research community. Its principle aim is to help protect Microsoft’s customers by sharing information on current and emerging security threats, addressing security issues and concerns in Microsoft products and services.

Mark Raeburn’s presentation provided an insight into the current wave of targeted attacks on enterprise networks, according to Context’s experiences within this field. Alex Church followed with a presentation on the threat of targeted attacks from both an attacker’s and a responder’s perspective. Alex used two real world anonymised case studies of recent Context engagements, to help the audience understand what it feels like to break into a large multinational organisation using client side exploitation techniques, and what is involved in responding to similar attacks from the other side of the fence.

These presentations were well received and both Mark and Alex very much enjoyed sharing their knowledge and experience with other professionals in this field.

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