Context Releases Whitepaper - Assessing Cloud Node Security

Cloud computing has become one of the buzzwords of the moment. The potential benefits offered by the Cloud make it an attractive business proposal to many organisations. But how secure is the Cloud and to what extent are its benefits tainted by the potential security risks?

In order to provide our client base with a better understanding of the technical security issues associated with Cloud computing, Context has undertaken a study of four major Cloud providers.

In the course of our research, Context reviewed the security aspects of hard disk separation, memory, network, hypervisor and remote management as these relate to the nodes provided to Cloud clients. Our aim was to discover how effectively the Cloud providers address security concerns associated with these areas. Our findings were that serious flaws in the implementation of Cloud technologies mean that some major providers are exposing their clients’ data to risk of compromise.

We are pleased to present the output of our research in the form of a whitepaper entitled “Cloud Computing – Assessing Cloud Node Security”. In this whitepaper we highlight the technical security risks associated with Cloud computing, provide recommended best practices for securing Cloud nodes, and arm prospective Cloud clients with a series of questions they can ask the would-be provider, to help ascertain the provider’s suitability from a security perspective.

Read the Cloud Whitepaper here.

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