CTAS - CESG Tailored Assurance Service

Context is approved to provide testing facilities and work with CESG on the new version of its Tailored Assurance Service (CTAS). CTAS is designed to provide assurance for a broad range of government, public sector and Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) organisations in the process of procuring IT systems, products and services. These may range from minor software components to national infrastructure networks.

The service will provide answers to specific assurance questions and concerns posed by CTAS Accreditors and ensure that the subject of an assessment complies with all relevant CESG and Government regulations, through highly tailored evaluation processes, conducted by a CTAS Company within a CESG-approved test laboratory.

Context has now been approved by CESG to provide this service. The company now works alongside the Accreditor and CESG to define the scope of each tailored evaluation and the range of test and assessment activities to be used in each case.

The evaluation process will usually take place prior to deployment. Its scope will be specified in a Security Target and the range of evaluation activities detailed in an Evaluation Work Programme. At the end of the evaluation CESG will issue a CTAS Assessment Statement to the Accreditor, including recommendations regarding any issues that have been discovered. Achieving approval to work with CESG on CTAS is another illustration of the reputation for outstanding technical excellence that Context has built since the company was launched in 1998.

More information on CESG CTAS here

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