Mobile App Testing

The need to secure mobile technologies and related software has a become more urgent in recent years, as the use of mobile to access corporate networks, applications and data or as a consumer service channel has increased. Context has been researching the security of mobile technologies for many years. We regularly assess the security of mobile devices; and we have developed an industry-leading methodology for the testing of mobile applications, including, for example, personal banking applications. We have experience of testing applications on all handset and device types, using all operating systems.

Mobile application testing can be tailored according to the type of handset and operating system used, the purpose of the application, type of data an attacker might seek to access, network protocols used; and the encryption, authentication and other security measures used to protect application and device. In all cases we begin by inspecting the installed application footprint, then test for security issues related to application functionality; and also manipulate network traffic to search for further vulnerabilities.

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