Our Approach

Context has based its success on the talent and integrity of our consultants, and the product-agnostic, carefully tailored services we provide.

We believe the best approach to safeguarding an organisation's assets is to develop an understanding of the way security is influenced by processes and people throughout that organisation. There can be no guarantee of protection against the consequences of deliberate or accidental security breaches unless every relevant process has been assessed. For this reason we have developed a comprehensive set of service offerings on which we draw to create bespoke service offerings for each of our clients.

We have always understood that the technical aspects of security and risk management strategies should be integrated with the practical day to day needs of the organisation. We don't talk in jargon, or fill our reports with meaningless graphics. We get straight to the heart of the challenges our clients face, explaining findings and recommendations in both business and technical terms – and in plain English – and offering practical solutions. And because we take an entirely product-agnostic approach our clients can be assured that there is never any bias towards any particular technology or technology provider.